2015 Year in Review!

Happy New Year: In the rear view, what do we see?


2015 Membership Statistics:

  • Blogs Posted – 415
  • Files Downloaded – 167,357
  • New Forum Post – 27,395
  • Forum Topic Daily Feed – 48,976
  • New HEUG.Online Users – 4,084

Wow! We have been so busy, we have not had time to reflect on our successes, but let’s take a moment to highlight a few trends from 2015. The Vision 2016 strategic document was launched, yeah! We had our very first town hall meeting, great success there. What about that awesome conference in Nashville, and all the regional successes around the globe.

Also in 2015, we wanted to show our appreciation for the Advisory Group volunteers, so, we developed appreciation letters, which are scheduled to go out this month. We plan to send these every year in January to the Advisory Group members serving that year. Look for two letters in your email, one for the AG member, and one for your institution to keep on your file.

So, as we gear up for 2016, the Advocacy and Education initiatives will continue to be driven by the Vision 2016 plan, and we look forward to our collective efforts to make 2016 even greater than 2015.

In the meantime, here is a link to the 2015 newsletters, if you haven’t read them yet, give yourself a treat, you will not be disappointed. 

Thank you for your hard work and commitment in 2015; we appreciate your efforts, and look forward to an awesome 2016!

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