Oracle expanding focus of programs and institutional participants in the Student Cloud Focus Group

When Oracle started working on the Student Cloud components, they asked each of the Campus Solutions Advisory Groups if they would like to participate in the Student Cloud Focus Group.  They stressed at that time that they were initially working on requirements for the foundation of a SIS, specifically supporting the Continuing Education business model.  They plan to release the first phase of Student Management, which targets that that model, in 2016 and are now gearing up to expand their focus to the more traditional models of Higher Education (2 year, 4 year degree-seeking programs).

Therefore, this is a good time to expand the focus of their customer programs and to ask for additional customers to consider participation.  There are three (3) Programs for you to consider if your institution has interest in contributing to the design and deployment of the Student Cloud:

  1. Design Review Council - Provide feedbackon the design and development of the solutions; we plan quarterly design review meetings with appropriate expert(s) from your institution
  2. Business Process Experts  - Provide specific requirements and design ideasfor innovativebusiness process support; 25% FTE commitment from your institution with virtual and in-person meetings
  3. Early Adopter - Expected to implement one or more Student Cloud products, with Oracle’s support

Each Program is defined in more detail in the Program Overviews and Applications that are at this link:!

We expect the Design Review Council and Business Process Experts programs will involve a multi-year commitment.  Please note that for the Design Review Council and the Business Process Experts program, the deadline for applications is May 31, 2016.

You may contact Susan Beidler, Senior Director Product Strategy, Oracle Higher Education Development if you have any questions about these opportunities.

M: 925-207-5049  W: 925-694-3418


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