Behind the "wow" of Oracle's smart office demo

Noel Portugal, from the AppsLab, the Oracle Applications User Experience (OAUX) emerging technologies team, writes about what you can see if you catch the OAUX Smart Office demo right now in “The Future of Work: What does a Smart Office look like today?” The equipment behind the smart office -- beacons, Amazon Echo, Apple watch, and Raspberry Pis, to name a few -- leverages today's technology and works in the Oracle Applications Cloud. For a look at the emerging technology research behind all of the cool things you can see, visit the UsableApps Storify page for a new post, “Building a "smart office" with today's emerging technology.” 

 AUGMENTING REALITY: Oh wait, there’s more news from the emerging technology team! In a new post on the Voice of User Experience, or VoX, blog, “Teaching old(er) emerging-tech dogs new tricks” we talk about augmented reality and visualizations. And context. And, of course, user experience.

NEW ERP POST ON FORBES.COM: Enterprise resource planning applications are highly complex systems. But the navigation and overall user experience should be as simple as possible. Oracle Thought Leader Jeremy Ashley, the Oracle Applications User Experience (OAUX) Group Vice President, writes about the Oracle ERP Cloud in OracleVoice: ERP UX Must Be Simple, Even When The Data Is Complex.

WHERE HAVE WE BEEN LATELY? It’s been a globe-trotting spring. For more on what we did and where – from demos to feedback sessions to presentations – check the following posts for the details.


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