Campus Solutions 9.2 - upgrade plans and progress - we need to hear from YOU...

I wanted to draw your attention to the work of one of our Advisory Groups - the CC Advisory Group have released a survey and associated blog as part of their ongoing 9.2 blog series this year.  Initially, the questions in the survey related to how the CC PAG could further aid institutions as they implemented to 9.2, but as they started writing the questions, they found that in order to get a real good picture of how they could help institutions with their upgrade, they needed answers to broader uestions not directly relating to the work of the CC Advisory Group. 

This survey and its results will build on the results from our earlier survey regarding plans for the Campus Solutions 9.2 upgrade (CS9.2 survey results blog), and will help the Advisory Groups, and the HEUG, ensure that content online and at our conference is relevant to our members and that we are able to have informed discussions with Oracle regarding the support needs of our community.  We had over 200 results to that survey - let's see if we can get an even better response rate this time.

To this end, the survey, as it has been released, is widely applicable to all Campus Solutions customers and should give the HEUG as a whole, a good picture of how institutions plan to implement CS 9.2. The original blog post is available at: and the survey is available at:

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