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As I am writing this blog, Alliance Down Under 2016 is wrapping up.  I was fortunate enough to be able to attend ADU this year, and it was enlightening to see how colleagues from Australia and New Zealand use Oracle products.  I had the opportunity to meet and talk with many inspiring people. Additionally, it was interesting to observe the global viewpoint of the United States election night.

As I was sitting in various sessions, a couple of thoughts came to mind. First, like many United States HEUG members, regional conferences are the only opportunities for global members to meet face to face with colleagues and share successes, challenges and solutions for products.  Not many are fortunate enough to make the long trip to the main Alliance conference in the United States.  I want to commend the ADU 2016 conference team as they did a fantastic job making this conference meaningful, and included up to date topics and content for all attendees.  

Secondly, as a global entity, we all share the ongoing challenges and struggles placed by government regulations on our schools.  Whether it's Prior Prior year in the United States or ECAF in Australia, we all seek efficient ways to handle the curve balls thrown on a continuous basis.  We all struggle to keep our PeopleTools up to date, migrate to Campus 9.2, and decide what the cloud means for our organizations.

As things wrap up in the Gold Coast, Australia, the Arab and Asian Alliance conferences are gearing up to start next week.  The HEUG truly is a global organization made up of great institutions filled with fantastic and smart people.  We will continue to seek ways to share the collective body of knowledge that we have created through our network of conferences around the world.

Next up - Alliance 2017 in Las Vegas!  I hope to see all of you in 105 days!!

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