SkyBridge Announces Campus Solutions Upgrade Workshop


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One of the hottest topics at Alliance 2017 was Campus Solutions. Specifically, how to plan and transition to the upgraded capabilities of Campus Solutions 9.2. For those that have upgraded recently from 9.0, or are considering upgrading, you’ve likely noticed the new functionality in 9.2.


Announcing Campus Solutions Upgrade Workshop

Interest in upgrading to CS 9.2 is a popular topic with the SkyBridge team. This is both an opportunity to leverage new functionality in 9.2, and with any update, it is also a chance for IT to better unite technology with other campus departments.



Best Practices for CS 9.0 to 9.2

PeopleSoft Practice Director Robert Sorrell and Toni Lyons from SkyBridge’s Delivery team have been busy over the past few weeks. This includes various conversations with the 70+ colleges and universities that have already partnered with SkyBridge, and with new contacts we’ve met more recently at Alliance 2017.

There’s a lot of buzz in Higher Education on how to get the most out of Campus Solutions 9.2. For many IT teams, this is either being scoped, or in the pre-planning phase.



View the Workshop:

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What is It?

The Campus Solutions 9.2 Upgrade Workshop is a multi-day, hands-on workshop designed to benefit daily Campus Solutions users.


Who Should Attend?

Any professional who is an active or soon to be user of the University’s student system.


Modules Included in the Workshop

  • PeopleSoft Campus Community
  • PeopleSoft Recruiting and Admissions
  • PeopleSoft Student Records
  • PeopleSoft Student Financials
  • PeopleSoft Financial Aid
  • PeopleSoft Self-Service


SkyBridge has uploaded a PDF overview, including workshop overview and learning objectives.

>> Download PDF from

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Questions About the Workshop

Tim Brodrick | Director, Business Development

O: 770-373-2311 M: 770-596-1189


Robert Sorrell | Practice Director - PeopleSoft
O: 770-373-2312 M: 770-335-4601


Toni Lyons | Delivery
O: 770-373-2302 M: 770-815-2409


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