Spot the Differences (in Payroll)

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Higher Education Payroll teams often support hundreds, if not thousands of employees. Verifying payroll can be a manual process. For those using PeopleSoft there is a bolt-on tool called PayMatch. 


PayMatch® for PeopleSoft

PayMatch® is an Oracle Verified Integration that provides Payroll teams access to a proven and repeatable process to balance and automate the testing of two payrolls. It was first deployed in 1998. Today, it is used by many colleges and universities, in addition to large Fortune 500 payroll teams. 



Finding the Differences - Shift from Manual to Automated

Each pay period Payroll teams are staffed to "find the differences" between payrolls. For some Payroll teams this might be a manual check, but it certainly isn't random. 

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Before PayMatch (Manual Review)

Historically, a Payroll Department would request its IT Department to run parallels and produce payroll registers and/or spreadsheet results.  Reconciling between the payroll registers can be cumbersome and time consuming and creating spreadsheets is prone to errors.

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With PayMatch

PayMatch compares paycheck data across 11 different categories such as check gross and net amounts, earnings amounts and hours, taxes, deductions (benefits and general deductions), accumulator amounts and hours, deduction arrears, pay distributions (check, cash, direct deposit) and earnings account code.

It can used on-demand, or as part of reasonable test quality checks of each payroll.





You Decide. Down to the Penny or Down to the Nickel?

PayMatch® allows for tolerances to be entered when comparing an Old and New payroll.



Prevent Payroll Errors Before They Happen

PayMatch reviews and provides feedback on 100% of payroll records.









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