"You Only Cry Once"

March and April was show season for us and, once again, I had the opportunity to attend our ERP partners' user conferences. I really enjoy this annual ritual because it gives me a chance to talk with a lot of you in a relatively short time. It never fails to bring me new insights and ideas about our products and services and how they work on campus.

Discussions this year, however, felt different than previous years. First, colleges and universities are truly starting to understand their responsibilities concerning PCI compliance. Second, many are starting to realize that if you do it right the first time, there are big benefits to be gained beyond checking the boxes on a PCI audit form.

At first, I struggled to find the right words to explain that there is no silver bullet for meeting PCI obligations. Then a current customer delivered the perfect response to those looking for a quick fix for PCI compliance or campus commerce for that matter. She explained that a friend once advised her when she was planning to buy new cookware that she should buy the best, even if it was a stretch. That way, "you only cry once," then never again!

In these four short words, she described both the upfront pain you find in complex projects like PCI as well as the long-term reward of running your business better. Get the right tools for the job and you'll never cry again. I couldn't say it better.

Thanks, Diane, for the right words at the right time.


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