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  I wanted to start the conversation about YRP under our blog.  I'm copying in the notes I've built to this point about what we're planning on doing for implementing YRP, which we're going to do this summer.  We've resurrected our batch job that we built for the summer of chaos, otherwise known as the last time we did YRP (2012/3), that overrides and cancels the override of the AY in FA_TERM in batch.  I'm hoping to get clearance to release that to other schools as well.  Our summer term is 2174 for clarification.  Please feel free to post questions / comments / corrections here, or put your own thoughts down.

Setup Tasks


  • Copy 3 Pell 2 item types from 2012 – 2018
    • 910111001001 - Federal Pell Grant 2
    • 910111002003 - Federal Pell Grant 2-SU (E)
    • 910111002004 - Federal Pell Grant 2-SU (O)
  • Add term 2174 to Terms for Career for UGRD / 2018 as a non-standard term
  • Create XO disbursement plan / 01 split code to point to term 2174
  • Create new budget categories for Prior Year Summer (lead character X (for Xover))
    • Load all budget items and formulas from 2017 to 2018, from the corresponding S category to the corresponding P category.
  • Create a UGSYS budget group
  • Review speedtype / fops for all affected IT (Pell 2 item types, Summer Pell item types)
  • Put in all 9’s money into fiscal item types for 2018, as well as Pell Grant Placeholder-NonDisb IT (910111002006) for 2017 (no money in for disbursement)
  • Create query to find eligible students (UG_RPT_XO_PELL)
    • Key off 2018 Pell eligibility, 2174 enrollment
    • Identify 2018 Fall/Spring Pell Amount, 2017 Summer Pell awarded, 2018 Summer Pell awarded, 2017 EFC, 2018 EFC, 2017 Summer w/s, 2017 AY Pell Awarded, Pell LEU info, 2017 2174-Summer COA, 2018 2174-Summer COA, 2017 Summer Placeholder amount, 2018 Spring/Summer Pell 2 amount, fa load for each term, graduation term
  • Create query to build flat file for per student tasks (?)
  • Create query to build EA input file for Spring Pell 2.


Per Student Tasks


  • Move 2174 FA Term to 2018
  • Create Budget
  • Repackage to put in 2174 summer pell into 2018
  • Repackage to put in 2174 summer placeholder into 2017
  • EA to put in 2181 Pell 2
  • Move 2174 FA term back to 2017 (?)


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Careful - I'm sure you already know this, but....

July 17, 2017 11:03 AM by Peter M. Hurley NASFAA, ED (J. Baker) discussed the changes during the Federal Update saying that schools had to pay 100% of "normal" Pell Grant first, before the student would be eligible to receive Pell Grant 2 (to 150% of annual eligibility).  He said in effect that summer 2017 was an eligible term, but the school needed to be aware.

Since the Congress approved 150% Pell with an effective date of July 1, 2017, the additional Pell would have to come from 2017-18 funds - NOT 2016-17 as a trailing term.

So if any schools wants to fund summer 2017 students, the student must:

  1. be Pell eligible in 2017-18
  2. summer 2017 must be a header (LT attendance is okay, but -assuming fall enrollment - winter/spring would require a minimum of HT enrollment).  Doing so limits what the school can do in summer 2018 (remaining 2017-18 Pell (i.e. 150% [minus] Pell utilization in summer 2017, fall 2017, winter 2018), or use the 2018-19 ISIR and put summer 2018 as a header too).

Alternatively, schools could choose not to fund summer 2017, and evaluate summer 2018 forward.

FA Term Potential Issue

July 19, 2017 11:57 AM by Cathy Heckmaster

Hi Vic!

Thanks for all the detailed information!  Have you tested running your batch FA Term jobs after changing the Valid Terms for Career page?  I tried running the batch jobs in a test environment and it looks like the students that need a new Summer 2017 row are getting a Summer 2017 row with an aid year of 2018 (instead of 2017).  Do you know of any way to prevent this from happening and/or do you have any plans for how you are going to handle this situation?  


Cathy Heckmaster

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