Alternative Academic Models Survey – Does your institution use them and how?

Recently, the HEUG has formed a working group to help our community and Oracle better define what Alternative Academic Models - or non-standard academic models - are, how they are used, and how our systems of record are able to accommodate, or not accommodate, these models.  The Working group was sanctioned by the HEUG board and is being led by representatives of the Campus Community Advisory Group and the Student Records Advisory Group in Partnership with Oracle Strategists.  In addition to the leadership of the group, the members represent a very diverse and experienced subset of our HEUG community. The intention of this survey is to get an idea of what Alternative Academic Models are being used by our members and how they are being used.  We ask that you please work with the proper people at your institutions to help us get the best answers that we can so that we can use these responses to help define our future work and areas of opportunity. For the purposes of this survey, please use the following definitions of a standard academic model and an alternative academic model to frame your responses.

The survey will be open until Monday, November 20th, 2017.

Survey Link

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