SWHEUG Alliance 2018 - Call for Proposals Ends Tomorrow!

If you have an idea for a session but have not completely fleshed out the entire session concept, please submit a proposal with the information you have ready. A copy of the full presentation will be requested after your session is confirmed. These conferences are vastly more appealing and successful when our own higher education colleagues present their own skills and experiences. While we always value vendor presentations to supplement our staff offerings, a heavy percentage of university staff offerings creates a far more effective overall conference. 

Submission Deadline is Tomorrow, 3/16, at Midnight!

Submit a Session


Critical to the success of this conference will be, as always, the sessions presented by our colleagues who can showcase the work they have done, their experiences (both positive and maybe not so positive), new tools, new ideas and new approaches to their ERPs. This conference covers all aspects of Admissions, Campus Community, PeopleSoft Financials, Financial Aid, PeopleSoft Human Resources, Student Records, PSUG, and Technical tracks. In addition, third-party tools that are in use to expand and supplement PeopleSoft are a major component of our conference.

Here are a few benefits of presenting at a professional conference:

     - It’s great material to add to your résumé

     - It’s a positive note to mention during your performance evaluation

     - It’s an invaluable way to network with peers

     - It’s a challenge that provides leadership development

     - It establishes you as a subject matter expert to your peers


We all have something to learn and something to teach each other. Here is your chance to help others by presenting on a topic that you do well, some lessons learned, your thoughts on where the future is taking your ERP.

Submission Tips


If presenting at a conference is new to you, don’t be shy. This is a great opportunity to present in a more intimate and comfortable environment than you will find at the large Alliance conference. If you are an old hand at presentations, you know how rewarding it can be, so come do it again.

We look forward to seeing your proposal. Watch out for the announcement opening registration on May 15!

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