Summit - Alliance - Socratic Circle - ARE YOU READY!

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Each year prior to Alliance, your Advisory Groups members come together for the Summit.  Two full days of representing the HEUG membership, by conducting discussions with Oracle product strategists on current business challenges and opportunities expressed by you the HEUG members.  In addition, your Advisory Groups work on strategic & tactical developments, end to end business process solutions, current, planned and future potential functionality. If attending Alliance 2018 please plan to attend one or several of the Advisory Group Community Mingles on Sunday, March 24, between 3 - 4:15 pm and introduce yourself to your Advisory Group team.  They can provide you with valuable information and help guide you through your Alliance experience.

New for Alliance 2018, is the launch of a new video series featuring a week in the life of an Alliance attendee.  Meet the first-ever HEUG Reality Star Karen Tallett, University of Glasgow!

Every attended a Birds of a Feather session?  Each year Advisory Groups conduct group discussions with your peers on hot topics and questions you always wanted to ask on a forum!  This year an Alliance Work Group was created and given the task to come up with some new presentation ideas for Alliance 2018.  We are accustomed to the Theater style format, everyone facing the front of the room looking at a PowerPoint.  This style works great and is very useful when learning steps in functionality, however for group discussions maybe there are other options!  For Alliance 2018 Student Financials and Project & Change Management Advisory Groups are changing the status quo and will be participating in a Socratic Circle presentation for Birds of a Feather.  We are grateful for their participation and look forward to the sessions and your comments on the effectiveness of presentation style!



Always excited for Summit and Alliance!  A great time to share ideas, solutions, finding out we all have the same challenges, and visiting with old (mature) friends and meeting new ones. 

Remember "TOGETHER WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE", see you soon!


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