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Like many of you, I'm asked to participate in request for proposals either as a reviewer, author, or a combination of both when we need to purchase software and services at KCTCS. Writing an RFP usually consists of hunting down examples from other institutions and tweaking to suit your needs. The HEUG web site has an area where you can share RFP's with your constituents. I have uploaded several from KCTCS and there's a few others out there now as well from Colorado and Maryland. Hopefully this will help people in their quest to write the perfect RFP. The RFP's out there now can be seen here: http://www.heug.org/p/do/si/topic=612&type=0



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June 10, 2010 01:18 PM by Stan Jakubik
This is a great service from HEUG.  We should all make it a habit that when we issue an RFP, we post a copy to the HEUG web site.  It takes a good deal of effort to write specifications from scratch but having good examples that others have done really cuts down the time and effort involved.  So..do what we all do best...share
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