Share your experiences with Oracle Products and the HEUG! EXPIRES SOON!!!

This opportunity expires at the end of May, so if anyone is interested in completing the survey, please do so soon!

There is an emerging trend in the IT industry which increases the voice of enterprise software users: peer reviews.  These reviews educate potential buyers around the experiences of existing customers and ways they have optimized use of a vendor’s solutions.  These reviews are visible to everyone, with over 62% of buyers now researching peer reviews before approaching a software vendor.  This creates a new opportunity for you to highlight your expertise, expand your social capital and increase your community impact across the IT landscape!

To establish the presence of HEUG and our members in this rapidly growing space, we have partnered with Oracle and TrustRadius, the leading provider of peer reviews for enterprise IT, to capture product reviews across the HEUG membership base.  We would like to invite you to take a few moments and share your experiences with the Oracle solutions you are using and your experience in being a part of the world’s largest independent technology community!  
To participate, simply click on this link: You’ll be asked to sign in via your LinkedIn account to authenticate validity.  You will have the ability to provide anonymous ratings and you can come back at any time to complete the review.  


For completing the review, you will also receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card!
(the fine print can be found on the website).


We hope that you will take advantage of this new opportunity to share your experiences in using Oracle products and being a part of the HEUG!

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No Campus Solutions option available in survey categories.

April 6, 2018 04:29 PM by Jean-Francois Bourgault, PMP

Good initiative, however Campus Solutions as a product is nowhere to be found in the available categories which is surprizing given HEUG's core audience.

Is this an omission or deliberate by Oracle ?

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