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Wow, can you believe it was only six weeks ago that Alliance ’18 ended?  It’s true, it seems like a lot longer to me. I had to go back and count twice on my calendar to make sure that I was correct. I am always amazed at how much can happen in that short amount of time. 

Some people (especially the conference team) consider Alliance the end of a long year of work.  I prefer to think of Alliance as a big kick-off event for the year of activities to come.  One of the first things to follow Alliance is the membership drive for the next year.  By now, your institution has received a notification to pay the HEUG membership for the coming year.  That notification goes to the Institutional representative listed for your organization on HEUG online.  Please take a moment to check with your person and make sure that the invoice is paid so you can continue to receive all of the benefits of institutional membership.

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Another thing that Alliance launches is about 7 months of US Regional and International Regional conferences.  The first one, Asia Alliance, just took place in Hong Kong.  Many of the other regional conferences have their call for proposals out, take a minute and see if you might be able to contribute and submit a proposal to your region. 

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Finally, Alliance kicks off another whole year of one of our most valuable resources- the HEUG Education Series webinars.  Already this year the lineup of offerings looks to be fantastic.  One of our partners, Huron Consulting will be getting things going with another four part series starting in June.  This series will deal with Cloud implementation and give attendees the opportunity to earn a badge for HEUG online.

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There is lots of great stuff in works.  Connect to HEUG online regularly and subscribe to several listservs to keep up with all the happenings!

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