Cloud Blogging #101

CLOUD #101: the thing about the Cloud is…

The Integrations and Data Management working group of the Technical and Reporting Advisory Group (TRAG) is offering a series of articles, presentations, and surveys to address issues around The Cloud. The following blog post and Prezi presentation provide information on the basics of Cloud Computing. With Higher Ed cloud adoption on the rise, it is our objective to prepare institutions in effectively addressing the topic.

          Clouds - cute, fluffy shapes drifting up in the varying layers of our atmosphere. Let's see how many I can recall from my first grade days: cirrus, altocumulus, nimbostratus, stratocumulus, or my personal favorite cumulonimbus. When I first heard of "The Cloud" in a computing reference, the first thing that filled my inquiring mind was - honestly - just a huge question mark.  My information is floating up where now?! Before I let myself get too dystopian, I started to investigate a couple of things: the first being a revision of cloud information and types (see "All About Clouds for Kids" on YouTube - guaranteed fun for a full 3:45); second, what is this thing called "The CLOUD?" 

What is certain is that colleges and universities are already facing many critical questions regarding their various institutional needs, and many of those questions are around the Cloud. To those of you who have heard all the buzz but do not really know what this all means, or even those who are familiar with Cloud Computing, the Prezi presentation (see link below) aims to paint a clear, elementary picture of Cloud services, addressing the following areas:

What is this thing we call the Cloud? Is it just data moving around effortlessly in the ether of a digital reality? Can we see it, touch it, feel it, smell it?

What is Cloud Technology? Let's get things straight - the data is not actually up in the clouds - it is physically stored in some server somewhere.

What are Cloud Services? Remember your clouds from first grade? Wasn't that fun!? Imagine the three basic cloud types…

Unlike the great cumulonimbus up there, Cloud Computing need not be associated with looming storms of trouble. I hope that the Prezi will give a good understanding of the Cloud, and if you learn something about fluffy things that would be good too!

Go to Prezi!

To navigate through the Prezi in sequential order, use the right arrow key on your keyboard. Otherwise, use the backward and forward arrow keys at the bottom of the presentation window.

I would like to end this blog by recommending you keep your heads in the Cloud and leave you with this:


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