Campus Solutions Feature Pack 3 - Release Value Proposition

As all of you (I hope) are well aware, the Campus Solutions (CS) product has a different lifecycle plan than the rest of the PeopleSoft product lines. Instead of releasing a CS 9.1, it was decided (with much urging from the HEUG board) to get out of the big upgrade mentality and deliver new functionality in smaller "chunks" called feature packs.

Feature packs 1 and 2 have already been released, and over the weekend Oracle has released the Release Value Proposition (RVP) for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 9 Feature Pack 3. Feature Pack 3 is focused on one major area, the Admissions Applications Web Services (AAWS) but also touches some options on name display, affilitations, and 3C deletions. AAWS is all about delivering web services around the business process of provisioning an applicant including creation, updating, and submission of online applications to be staged and committed to the core admissions and person tables in the system. A key difference in this AAWS initiative is that it does not provide a delivered user interface, the instituion will be responsible for the format, presentation, and composition of the self service application. The image below illustrates the responsibilities. 

You can find the RVP document on My Oracle Support by searching for document identification number 1134435.1.

Admissions Application Web Service

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