PeopleTools 8.57 Release Information

Oracle has announced the release of PeopleTools 8.57. Remember that the initial release of PeopleTools will be for Cloud installations only. So, while waiting:

Fluid class search functionality may not work appropriately on PeopleTools 8.57 if you are on Campus Solutions 9.2 PUM image 12 or lower.   We recommend that you plan your PeopleTools 8.57 upgrade after Campus Solutions 9.2 PUM image 13 is made generally available (currently targeted for April 30, 2019).  This recommendation applies to both customers on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) or On-premise.  Campus Solutions 9.2 PUM image 13 will be the first PUM image delivered with PeopleTools 8.57.


When you are ready to upgrade to PeopleTools 8.57 for CS 9.2, there are two paths available:

  1. Apply all maintenance from Campus Solutions PUM image 13 or higher prior to your PeopleTools upgrade;
  2. Remain on your current maintenance level and select the following bug(s) from Campus Solutions 9.2 PUM image 13 or higher prior to your PeopleTools upgrade.


Required Fixes

Bug Number





NOTE: There are currently no known potential impacts for customers on Campus Solutions 9.0 when upgrading PeopleTools 8.57

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