Profile and Non-Custodial Parent Profile Application Processing

Now that the first year of processing Profile and Non-Custodial Parent (NCP) Profile applications is almost complete, we wanted to reach out and find out how schools are processing these files.  Do you have some best practices or helpful hints to share with others?  Do you have any pain points you would like help resolving?

At the University of Michigan, we import and load the Profile and NCP files daily (staff download the files from College Board and then run the load process for each file).  We have INAS set to calculate at load but also to store the INAS calc so we can run INAS in batch.  We run INAS first with a NCP calc and then again for the regular Profile calculation so that we get an EFC that includes the NCP. 

One issue we found is that when staff make corrections to the Profile and NCP data, it is easy to forget to call INAS on the NCP first, then navigate to another page, and call INAS again to get the combined EFC. 

If you process Profiles, how do you process your files?  When do you run INAS and do you continue to store the INAS calc and recalculate everyone to make sure to update the IM EFC based on a new NCP or Profile application (depending on which was first received)?   Anything you plan to do differently next year when processing these records?   

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