Innovation at Alliance '19

I had the great pleasure of attending the Alliance Planning Team meeting a couple of weeks ago, on site at the Swan & Dolphin Resorts in Walt Disney World, Orlando .  I'm sure I don't have to tell too many of you that this is a special venue. The space for the conference is working out perfectly - you may have seen a sneak preview from Buddy Combs' tweets whilst we were there...  I'm particularly excited about 'Innovation Alley' - where our Programme Chair Jason Koziara is bringing together our experts to showcase their ideas and solutions - our members and our vendors - this is where you'll find Meet the Experts and Stop & Share ... But there's going to be some other exciting exhibits there that you won't want to miss!

We are working in higher education at one of the most exciting times... There is so much going on, so much to learn and so many questions to ask.  We've got amazing new technologies, no longer on the horizon but right here, right now... Chatbots helping us in so many ways improve the service we provide to our students, AI helping us to personalise their experience and helping them to navigate their path through their degrees, Block Chain set to potentially revolutionise the sector as a whole (if the news.of the first Block Chain higher education institution is anything to go by)... To mention but a few.  Meanwhile we also have the ongoing development of our existing solutions and some really innovative projects being undertaken on our existing PeopleSoft and E-Business applications where new features and new tools enable us to extract more and more value from those significant investments we made .

There is no excuse to stand still or be bored in our jobs.... But if you are looking for inspiration then you are in the right place.... HEUG and Alliance '19

Be part of it... Join us in magical Orlando for Alliance '19. 

Information, insight, inspiration and innovation for the present and the future!

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