One Exec's Secrets to Attract and Retain Top IT Talent

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All companies, not just higher education institutions, are challenged with hiring and retaining top talent. The unemployment rate is hovering around a low four percent. So, not only are colleges and universities facing a tight candidate pool, they are hard pressed to compensate them like the private sector can. Shady Azzam-Gomez, Vice President for Information Technology and CIO at Suffolk County Community College, shares how he overcomes these talent management obstacles in our Top of Mind podcast. His special approach and concerted effort to carve out time, helps solidify his connection with direct reports. Find out how now.


Highlights include:

  • Identify differentiators that set your institution apart from competitive private companies.
  • Understand how to retain an employee, once you “woo” and convert them as a candidate.
  • Hear about a tested communication style and meeting cadence that leads to results.
  • Learn coaching tips to help the employee, the manager, and the institution to succeed.


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