Did you know about OMC Application Performance Monitoring (APM)?

Did you now that APM is an Oracle cloud based tool that allows for the monitoring and performance reporting of PeopleSoft from the inside out. APM can track performance within the PeopleSoft software layer, uncovering performance metrics on a granular level for items such as pages, components, JavaScript execution, server calls, image icon loads, and much more. This tool provides an opportunity to identify potential performance challenges and proactive issue resolution, not previously visible in an aggregate fashion.

 Oracle Cloud Application Performance Monitoring

Introduction to Application Performance Monitoring

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Oracle Management Cloud for PeopleSoft

April 23, 2019 09:06 PM by Greg Kelly

Lots of good things coming with OMC. The OMC team did a lot of work with the PeopleTools team to deliver a more comprehensive solution. See: https://blogs.oracle.com/managementcloud/oracle-management-cloud-for-oracle-peoplesoft

Look for more details soon.

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