Featured Topics Education Series: How to get started with Pivot Grid Fluid Tiles

Title: How to get started with Pivot Grid Fluid Tiles
Author: Paul Steenkamp, University of Cape Town

Blog Series Overview:
The Featured Topics Education Blog Series is sponsored and hosted by the HEUG Campus Community Advisory Group, with the intention to assist and educate the user community about featured topics of interest to the community.  To view other articles in the series, please go to the Article Index for the Featured Topics Blog Series.

Article Overview:
The intent of this article/guide is to showcase Pivot Grid Fluid Tile functionality and how it can be used to gain further insight into Student Activity Guide Action Items for tracking purposes.

This article / guide mainly focuses on how to create PS Query based Pivot Grid Fluid Tiles as part of Student registration Activity Guide / Tasks. The complete article is available for download in the Campus Community Files section.




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Thank you

July 31, 2019 12:55 PM by Kristin Krowiorz

Thanks, Paul!  This article is very useful.

No problem

August 6, 2019 10:53 AM by Paul Steenkamp

Thanks for the comment Kristin, I'm really happy that you will find this useful.

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