Rethinking IT in the World of Cloud

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 If you’re busy trying to keep your old legacy system going and are in a perpetual state of adapting to meet your campus’s needs, you’re not alone. Colby College realized two years ago that things had to change. CIO Cindy Mitchell faced it head on. Her strategic plan includes “the things that eat our lunch” as her first course of business. Also, get Mitchell’s insight on evolving IT roles, her view of data governance, and her gratitude to those propelling the project towards success

Listen: Rethinking IT in the World of Cloud 

Highlights include:

  • How the cloud makes the institution less reliant on the infrastructure and administrative side of the business.
  • How associated solutions, such as integration and identity and access management, are important to the ultimate migration to the cloud.
  • What is critical to address immediately - well before you launch into a cloud project - especially if you’re focused on reporting.
  • How creating a partnership between IT and functional users results in a win-win for both.
  • What this college’s readiness assessment revealed.


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