Summer is here, open your window!

As we all ´enjoy´ high temperatures and holidays (or looking very much forward to it) HEUG goes on offering services to the membership, here´s a quick overview :

So, now that you have more time to educate yourself, don´t forget to look at the HEUG Education Series , there might be information you don´t want to miss out on.

The PAG´s have done an excellent job publishing their ´quarterly update´. Those of you that aren´t on a listserv yet, look at the to get a quick overview of the PAGs´ goals and activities and take advantage of the vast knowledge base these advisory groups provide.

Preparation for the Alliance Conference, March 27-30, 2011, are in good progress. Later this month information goes out on submitting presentations and registration. Keep an eye out for Alliance news!

The HEUG board met in Minneapolis recently, to work on strategic planning, budget 2010/2011 and important issues for the membership, like the HCM split and collaborating with Oracle on the Fusion domain. The HEUG membership survey has closed and will provide us with information that can open up our window to you.

So, with all the activities planned and information collected, we look forward to a busy year. You will be informed about the HEUG activities in our monthly newsletter, our blogs, the PAG homepages, and on listservs, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Communication is a two way street, so keep feeding us your questions, remarks and ideas. Thanks for being a great audience!
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