September 2019 Member News - Advanced Search

Hello and welcome to the new members that joined our HEUG Community in August 2019! I hope you have already tried to take advantage of loads of information HEUG has for its members. You may have tried a simple search for something specific and found a large number of results that you don't have time to sift through.

I'm here to tell you about what seems like one of HEUG.Online's best-kept secrets, Advanced Search! No, it's not actually hidden, just easily overlooked. This will be one of your most efficient ways of finding the information you are looking for. Say you are searching for something like "student", it could return thousands of results. The benefit of the advanced search tool is that you can narrow down your search so you are not wading through pages of information that isn't relevant to what you are looking for.

Few things I want to point out that I find most helpful are: 

  • Selecting what you are searching for: Searching "Site" will return everything. I recommend narrowing it down, files or forums will probably be your best bet. you'll actually notice that it will provide you different search criteria based on what you're searching. 
  • Time Constraints: Most likely you are not looking for some recommendations from 10 years ago, that's old news. You will be provided a few options or you will also have the option to put in a date and search anything since that date. 
  • Communities: This might be too narrow if you are really just browsing but postings on HEUG are all tied to a community. This would be an easy way to cut through a lot of extra material. 

 You will always be able to find the search option in the top right-hand corner of the site. 

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