Alliance 2020 Session Presentation Proposal

Alliance 2020 brings together individuals from around the world working in diverse roles to benefit Higher Education User Group (HEUG) learners of all ages and at all stages of professional development; therefore, an important factor for Alliance 2020 program balance is presentation session selection.  Our Alliance 2020 Program Team, Advisory Groups and Track Chairs seeks such balance in:

  • Range, significance, and appropriateness of topics to our HEUG members
  • Clarity of proposal as indicator of presentation quality
  • Presenters’ level of expertise
  • Purpose, participant outcomes
  • Professional and geographic distribution of presenters
  • Sessions motivated by, practice, and research

Another important factor to our Alliance 2020 Team and members for selecting presentation proposal are based on how well the session description is written. Session descriptions should be clearly and concisely written and should convey the session’s importance and appropriateness to HEUG Members.  Session descriptions provide the greatest impact if they:

  • Prove a tight abstract, that is clear
  • Significance for the intended audience (remember your audience)
  • Evidence of a high standard of research and/or practice
  • Evidence that the presentation will be well prepared
  • Provide session outcomes

Always remember to write your Alliance 2020 presentation proposal for your audience.  Your proposal description and title are what will catch the attention of the Alliance 2020 program selection team and the HEUG members looking for your expertise. 

In addition, check out Cheri’s blog on "Submission Tips from the Program Chair" for more tips on submitting your Alliance 2020 Session Proposal.

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