What does “Engagement” mean to you?

“Membership Engagement is the result of a member investing time and/or money with the organization in exchange for value”.  "Engagement" has been a BIG buzzword in many organizations. 

How do we get our members more engaged in HEUG?  To build an active community, we need to talk to our group members.  Ask them interesting questions, ones that allow them to share a bit of their successes and work/personal life. We need to encourage them to be active in one of our many communities, network with others, learn best practices in their area of expertise, participate in on-going education and learning, and receive access to specialized and current information. I believe that HEUG is an online “think tank” of members that contribute to the valuable information which our members are looking for to shape and find better ways of doing their everyday work.

Onboarding new members within your own institutions can help grow the many communities that are within HEUG.  Say “Hello” with a personal touch and point out where you get the most valuable information.  Always stress the benefits of HEUG with our webinars, online discussion forums, communities, our Global Conference or one of many regional or International conferences.   

Our members are the reason for being, so getting and keeping members truly engaged in HEUG is important to not only us but also to our members and institutions.

Let us know how we can help you engage more?  We would love to hear from you

Looking forward to seeing you at a regional or international conference. 


All the best!


Kelly Wilker

VP Communications and Membership      

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