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Oracle Student Products - Campus Solutions Announcements

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The intent of this article is to inform the Community about Campus Solutions updates released on 03 September 2019. The complete article can be downloaded here.

Oracle Campus Solutions Updates

  1. Update to My Oracle Support Communities
  2. Two Distinct Communities
  3. Reminder of CS Release 9.0 Support window
  4. Campus Mobile Update: Change in Direction
  5. Classic Navigation: De supported in lieu of Fluid
  6. Chatbot Support: Enabled for Campus Solutions

1. Update to My Oracle Support Communities

My Oracle Support Communities

  • The Support team is introducing the Announcement subpage for Campus Solution in My Oracle Support (MOS) Communities.
  • This subspace is a one way communication channel devoted to critical updates, announcements, and patch release updates.
  • Oracle recommends that customers follow this subspace to stay notified on updates. This new page provides a more streamlined view into just what you need to know about Campus Solutions updates.

2. Two Distinct Communities

Two distinct Customer “Communities”

  1. Student Cloud customers use Cloud Customer
  2. Campus Solutions customers use My Oracle

3. Reminder of CS Release 9.0 Support window

Campus Solutions Release 9.0 Support window

  • Premier Support for CS 9.0 extends through December 2019.
  • As of January 2020, there will be no more new updates (regulatory/legislative updates or bug fixes) provided on the CS 9.0 code line.
  • Customers who require extended support for CS 9.0 can take advantage of a subscription support option. Please see more detail on this subscription offering in this KM document (2500545.1).
  • Enhancement requests opened for CS 9.0 that are not in progress will be closed. If the customer wants that enhancement request to remain active, they will need to request it be re opened on the CS 9.2 release.

4. Campus Mobile Update: Change in Direction

Campus Mobile Update

  • Due to the uptake of Fluid pages in CS 9.2 and alternative mobile solutions, the usage/uptake of Campus Mobile has decreased.
  • Therefore , support for Campus Mobile will extend through CS 9.2 PUM Image 19 (October 2020).

5. Classic Navigation: De supported in lieu of Fluid

Classic Navigation Update

  • Fluid has become the default mode for the PeopleSoft user interface, and so PeopleSoft is planning to de support Classic navigation with the release of PeopleTools 8.58.
  • Note that this doesn’t mean that Classic and Classic Plus pages are going away. Some number of Classic pages will remain indefinitely.
  • However , the navigation used to reach all pages including Classic pages will be through Fluid navigation methods like Tiles, Home Pages, Fluid Navigation Collections, Global Search, and the Nav Bar. Please see the complete update in this blog from the PeopleTools Strategist.

6. Chatbot Support: Enabled for Campus Solutions

Chatbot Support

  • PeopleTools (8.57.07) has released the framework to support chatbot functionality in their PeopleSoft applications.
  • The framework has been enabled for Campus Solutions 9.2 PUM Image 15; customers will need to build out the functionality for the roles and business processes they want to support.
  • To find out more, check out this link or this blog.

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