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Back home here in Maryland after a full day delay waiting out the storm that hit Denver. Nothing, though, dampens the great buzz left over from an enormously successful Alliance 09. Including the PAG/TAG Summit, it was a week of exactly what I had hoped for, a week of learning, teaching and creating those relationships that make the entire effort worthwhile. One regret that I do have from the conference was that so many of our colleagues were unable to attend and take advantage of all that we had the opportunity to see and experience. Those who were there have to carry the word back to your institutions about what you learned and how valuable the experience was. Don’t keep your experiences to yourself. Offer to give updates to your colleagues who could not attend. Tell them to go out to HEUG Online and review the sessions that will be available to you there. Tell your boss how beneficial it was. Better yet, implement some of the things you learned and let the powers-that-be actually see how beneficial Alliance09 has been.

Thank you all for making Alliance09 live up to the tradition of HEUG and Alliance conferences..Stan

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Back home--Feedback

April 15, 2009 01:31 PM by Jackie Creager

Yes, it was a great conference.  I always come home not only with ideas for changes/improvements in how we do things but also ways in which we can participate to help improve the product overall.

I do have a couple of comments about the non-product-related experience.  After completing the initial registration, it was not entirely intuitive how to get back to my agenda to select sessions (when I had not done so initially).  I heard that comment from others too. 

 The other comment that I have (and heard it echoed from others) is regarding the food selection.  I know boxed lunches are the easiest and probably most cost-effective option, but it seemed that there was a lot of waste.  The sandwiches contained a lot of bread and many of us were not able to finish one.  Frequently chips and cookies were abandoned also.  I realize not all of us have the same dietary preferences and its very hard to come up with a "one size fits all" but perhaps something more health-conscious, or a way of distribution that would minimize the waste.

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