Campus Community Priorities

Over the past few weeks you have been sharing your priorities for CC Alliance topics. It has been great to read the survey results come in. To date from the topics we offered: we have heard that you are interested in it all!

Most of you consider yourself to be intermediate users of Campus Community tools, after that advanced. So, anyone one who feels a beginner, don’t worry – you have great company and they are will to share their knowledge!

Not surprisingly, most people are interested in delivered methodologies, but you are open to blended: some customisations with delivered.

For popular topics we see Work Centres, Activity Guides and Page and Field Config commanding the strongest interest. BI Publisher, Com Gen, Fluid and CAF are not that far behind though. To be honest Cloud, GDPR and Gender Reporting rank too, a loud message that you are a keen bunch of learners. This information will definitely help with our Alliance proposal priorities, so thank you.

It was fascinating reading through the ‘other’ interest ideas and comments. In summary, interests are:

  • Activity Guide and Work Centre ideas – forget the technicalities, we need a show and tell of how they are being used and for what business processes.
  • Student Self-services – sharing ideas and information on what your institution does. What services are your students using?
  • Rules Engine
  • Dashboards – Both a show and tell and set up instructions
  • Campus Community related web service
  • BI Publisher – a walk-through of the do’s and don’t to set up
  • Mobile friendly Comm gen creation?!

I do hope we’ll see you at Alliance 2020 and if any of these topics has got you thinking about an idea for a presentation, you can submit your proposal here

(Spotted something CC critical that is missing? It’s not too late to submit your topic priories here

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