Networking in the Roaring 20’s!

Networking in the Roaring 20’s!

It is hard to believe we just ended a decade and entered another “roaring” 20’s decade. 

Have you ever stopped to think about how networking was done in the 1920’s?  To say, “we have come a long way” is an understatement I think. 

In the 1920’s, networking was really about being in the same room and participating in verbal conversations. This still happens today. Alliance offers that in-person networking experience.

Networking today allows many options through online “social sites” like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Pinterest to name a few.  We put photos up on-line using Shutterfly or Flickr.  We can talk to each other “face to face” via FaceTime or Skype, which is almost like being in the same room. 

There still may be nostalgic feelings for those days of personal interaction with friends and acquaintances, but there are many positive things to be said about social media sites too.  Where can you go to find out the latest news or see a picture within minutes from around the world? 

The HEUG strives to bring our members together and give the latest news and strategies.  The HEUG has several social media sites to share information from our partners as well as our members. 

As a member of HEUG, join the NEW roaring 20’s decade and get involved in the social media platforms we have to offer. 

Enjoy the networking! It binds the HEUG community together!






All the best!

Kelly Wilker

VP Communications and Membership

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