Driving Change: The Need for Courageous Leadership in Higher Education | Top of Mind with Tambellini Group Podcast

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Host Katelyn Ilkani talks with Keith McIntosh, Vice President for Information Service and Chief Information Officer at the University of Richmond about the need for courageous leadership in higher education. From addressing the needs of an increasingly diverse student population, to navigating the challenges of new learning environments created by the pandemic, to creating cultural awareness of the social issues impacting students and faculty, McIntosh explains how he and his team are preparing to drive change as students and faculty prepare to return to class.

Listen: Driving Change: The Need for Courageous Leadership in Higher Education

Highlights include:

  • Training faculty to conduct in-person and remote classes
  • COVID-19’s effect on technology transformation
  • Conversations about racism and how that affects higher education
  • What higher education might look like in the future, based on 2020 changes
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