International Innovations at Alliance, we need your input

Dear UK, Dutch, South- African, Middle Eastern, South-American, Australia, New Zealand, and Asian HEUG members. We know you're working on all kinds of innovative projects we still don't know about. If so, don't hesitate to present your project at the Alliance Innovation Track.

When selected, your project will be presented on a poster board, visible for all Alliance attendees in the conference area. Alliance conference team will work with you to provide in a 20 minute presentation that will be available prior to the conference and at the poster board site. At the conference itself you will entertain a 30 minutes q&a session.

What's in it for you?
Well, what about the opportunity to show your innovative project to a very big audience? Or a chance to discuss the project with really interested people from all over the world? And don't forget, primary presenters of an innovation session have their conference fee waived.

Do you want to find out how your project fits in the Innovation track? Go to to find out, and submit a session proposal! Session proposals for all Alliance tracks are open until October 1st, 2010.

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