Important Message on October Maintenance Pre-Requisite for Campus Solutions/HCM

This is a re-post, but contains important information related to a pre-requisite. If you're running PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and HCM, you'll probably want to pay attention to this message as it is very important regarding timing of bundle applications in October. The message below is from the Campus Solutions development team.  


We need to share an Early Alert with our HCM 9.0/9.1 and CS 9.0 customers about an upcoming, planned maintenance pre-requisite

Campus Solutions Feature Pack 4, which is planned to be part of CS Bundle #19, provides the new CS functionality to support the HCM – CS separate instance integration.  As always, the HCM bundle is a pre-requisite for the Campus Solutions bundle.

The required maintenance pieces are:

1a)  HCM 9.1 Bundle #3 (ONLY if you are using HCM 9.1) – target delivery  Oct 1, 2010


1b)  HCM 9.0 Bundle #14 – target delivery October 15, 2010

2)    CS Bundle #19, which is planned to include CS Feature Pack 4 – target delivery end of October 2010

In order to support our customers’ needs in the timing of applying this maintenance, please note this important sequencing consideration:

·         If you choose to apply HCM Bundle #14, immediately followed by CS Bundle #19, you should not encounter any adverse impact on functionality in either application.

·         However, if you need to apply HCM Bundle #14 and cannot immediately apply CS Bundle #19, you will encounter errors with Campus Solutions Person data components.  If you do not apply CS Bundle #19 immediately after HCM Bundle #14, you will need to apply Critical Resolution 837219 immediately following HR Bundle #14.  The Critical Resolution is a Campus Solutions response to changes in HRMS objects.  Critical Resolution 837219 is included in CS Bundle 19.

Please contact My Oracle Support with any questions.


release date

October 5, 2010 01:57 PM by Brett Bendickson
I'm confused about the release date. There's usually a significant gap between a "release value proposition" and the actual release. This one only has 3 weeks notice? The document itself indicates FY11, and based on previous cycles I would expect a summer release.

RE: release date

October 5, 2010 02:03 PM by Paul Czarapata
Yes, we're looking at about 4 weeks from now according to Oracle
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