Admissions PAG Quarterly Report September 2010

2010-11 Admissions PAG Goals
Second Quarter Progress
September 30, 2010

The biggest news on the Admissions front this quarter was the release of Bundle 18 for 9.0 which contained Admissions Application Web Services (AAWS)—the foundation for creating an online application.  We’ve all been asking for this for a long time and it’s here!  Look for related session offerings at this year’s Alliance!

This quarter the Admissions PAG was again excited about the input we received from the user community.  Thanks to all who submitted Alliance presentation proposals, nominated for the PAG, responded to our surveys, and were active on the list serve!
For more info on Admissions PAG activities, see the list below which outlines our current goals and progress to date:

Better User Communication

o   We continue to implement our communication plan

o   Ryan Chreist, our Communication Rep is in contact with the list serve via our “How to HEUG Online” emails.  Be sure to watch for them!

o   Note:  If you missed the last one, access it here to get up to speed:  How to HEUG:  Back to School Edition.

o   Jason Masciantoni, our Survey Manager, launched surveys about Alliance Sessions and our Comm Gen Webinars.  Thanks again to all who responded!

o   Mark Nelson, our Track Chair, and Roger Lurie, Assistant Track Chair, are in the process of going over this year’s session proposals in conjunction with the user feedback on sessions-to-offer from the survey responses.  Thanks again to those who submitted for being willing to present!

o   PAG Librarian, Kathleen Wachle, is keeping our PAG historical library and Admissions forum documents up to date.

o   PAG members are in the process of posting pictures to our profiles at HEUG Online (though some of us are having more trouble than others finding a good pic to share).  Check us out and memorize our faces.  We hope to meet you at Alliance!


Going Global - In more ways than one!
o   We continue to enjoy International representation on the Admissions PAG and updates on Alliance Down Under and changes, particularly in Australian legislation, that may impact development and Oracle resources.



Big Picture Strategy

o   Admissions PAG priorities for this year are set.  Our list includes strategic items related to online review, self-service, prospects, checklists, transcripts, transfer students, and more, as well as tactical items from Issue Tracker.
o   Items in development continue to move forward and be rolled out.  Some items of note are AAWS and changes that accommodate the new GRE and ACT record layouts.Advocating for outstanding issues

o   The PAG continues to follow up on development items in progress.

o   All items from Issue Tracker are folded into the PAG Priority List.

o   Thanks to Jason McIntyre, our Issue Tracker, and Darlene Daclan, our List Serve Monitor--and all of you for submitting your issues and sharing your solutions



Training Initiatives

o   Last quarter the Admissions PAG presented a free webinar entitled “In the Beginning:  Setting Up Comm Gen”.  Thanks for making it a success!

o   We are planning a second webinar which builds on the first presentation.

o    Details coming via the list serve soon!

o   Watch for an email from Joe Manning, our Training Coordinator and Jason McIntyre, our resident Comm Gen expert!

o   The Admissions PAG is also working with Oracle to learn about the new AAWS functionality and we look forward to sharing what we learn with you!


Release Model Strategy

We are gathering info to better understand the Release Model Strategy and find the best ways to make the Release Model Strategy transparent for users.

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