You have surely seen the announcements about registration for the upcoming Alliance Conference in Denver, CO from March 27-30, 2011.  Early bird registration runs until January 7!

The AA track has a great set of sessions in store for attendees, but in this message we want to highlight the two pre-conference workshops that are being offered by AA PAG members.  These pre-conference workshops are both offered on the Sunday, March 27, while the regular conference sessions begin the next day.
The two pre-conference workshops offered in the AA track this year are "Customize Your Printer-Friendly (XMLP) Academic Advisement Report without a Developer" and "'Best Practices' for the Academic Advisement Module."  Detailed descriptions of both are below.  You are able to register for the pre-conference workshops during the registration process for the Alliance Conference, or you can add them to your registration after the fact.

Customize Your Printer-Friendly (XMLP) Academic Advisement Report without a Developer Larry Hill, Indiana University This workshop covers customizing the XML Publisher/WORD template that is used to construct the 9.0 non-interactive (printer friendly) Academic Advisement Report. We will modify small items on the existing template and create new functionality by using limited programming techniques. Join in the workshop by bringing your laptop with WORD, the 9.0 supplied Template Design Helper plug-in, and a .pdf reader installed and working. Other necessary workshop files will be supplied. Don’t want to work --no problem! Leave your laptop at home and just take notes. Every customizing technique available cannot be covered in a short workshop session, but you should leave with a good starting point and the knowledge of how to proceed further. We will NOT need internet connections; only the described software and your laptop. Only the Word template will be discussed.

"Best Practices" for the Academic Advisement Module Ross Leisten, Salisbury University BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! This offering should be considered a complement to last year's PAG workshop titled "Fundamentals of Academic Advisement," and is aimed at both new and existing Academic Advisement professionals. We will look at some best practices or "tricks of the trade" related to Academic Advisement design and setup, and to a lesser degree Student Records, that can help improve the accuracy and readability of your AARs, assist with the placement of exceptions/overrides, and make troubleshooting issues easier. We'll also touch on upcoming fixes/new functionality from the Oracle short list and on basic information for institutions still looking to upgrade from versions 8-8.9 to 9.0.

There is an $80 additional charge per workshop.  However, if you are already attending the conference, the added benefits provided by the hands-on workshops are well worth the additional cost.  And, if you are on the fence about attending the conference, take a close at the AA track workshops because they could be what convinces you to make the trip to Denver next March!

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