ERP Self service take 2

So, back in November I posted a blog asking what you wanted your self service to look like, which can be seen here -  There was some good feedback given and I know some folks from Oracle saw it. I'd like to follow up on that question with another one, whether we're talking EBS, PeopleSoft, or Fusion - do we expect our software provider to deliver this experience or do we expect them to deliver easily consumable hooks that allow us to craft our own user facing pages? I've heard arguments from both, one side argues they'd rather be able to essentially skin their ERP and present the application in a fashion more suited to their users, while the other either expect this out of the application or quite simply don't have the bandwidth to create their own "self service" pages. Coming from a relatively small shop, I fall in the category of those folks that would like to have the experience delivered but easily "tweakable" via delivered toolsets such as PeopleTools, ADF, etc. As we look towards the next generation of applications, what say you?


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