On the Shoulders of Giants

This past fall I attended a meeting of representatives from HEUG member institutions in the UK. The meeting was held at Cambridge University. While there we visited a pub or two (as you do). One pub we visited had a sign on the wall listing every proprietor going all the way back to its founding . . . in 1774. At the time, I thought about what great comfort and confidence that sign must bring the current proprietor every day.

This March at the Alliance conference I will officially take over as HEUG President. As I have prepared for this, I have taken great comfort in the fact that those who have held the position before me have been so supportive. They are:

Kari Branjord (2010)
Stan Jakubik (2008-2010)
Tom Scott (2006-2008)
Joe Moreau (2005-2006)
Mike Ten Eyk (2004-2005)
Ola Faucher (2003–2004)
Paul Martin (2002–2003)
John Gohsman (2001–2002)
Dave Edmondson (1999-2001)
Helen Mohrmann (1998-1999)
Clyde Morrell (1996-1998)
A few of these people have become great friends of mine, many have become trusted colleagues, all of them deserve our gratitude for building such an amazing organization. I am honored and humbled to follow in their footsteps.

Many thanks to our Executive Director, Lew Conner, for sharing his research from the HEUG archives. Please look forward to more details about our past presidents in this year's annual report.
Hope to see many of you at Alliance in Denver!


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On the Shoulders of Giants

February 13, 2011 09:43 AM by Normandy Roden

This reminds me of a cartoon I saw *years* ago -- one caveman is standing on another caveman's shoulders and painting a picture on the cave wall -- way up high. An observer says to another: "In the future, they'll wonder how we got to be so tall!"

We all move forward with the momentum, or the delay, of the work of those who went before us. Thanks to you, Ted, for reminding us to take a minute and recognize these connections.



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