HEUG Annual Report 2010 is now available

I hope you are all looking forward to the Alliance Conference as much as I am...

Meanwhile, looking back, we've just completed the HEUG Annual Report for 2010. For those of you that want to know everything there is to know about the HEUG's recent history, go and download it at http://www.heug.org/p/do/sd/sid=12056&fid=11445&req=direct. The report will be available online in seperate sections within the next few weeks.

The report includes, the HEUG's Financial position, information on the PAG's and TAG, and the origins of HEUG as well as information about the  2010 HEUG Board of Directors, past chairs and presidents. Also, you can find information on the global initiatives HEUG has taken up in 2010, and the way our community has connected with diverse conferences and events. We put a spotlight on last years HEUG service Award Winner, Clyde Morell in the report. Also, you will find an overview of all PAG member institutions, and our HEUG sponsors.

In the report you will also find the members of the communication committee. Most of the communications you see coming past you have been worked on through this committee, which is a dedicated group of people that don't mind spending some extra hours to make sure the right communication gets out right, at the right time. Does this appeal to you? Why not volunteer for this (or any other) committee?

We also invite you to come over to our annual Board meeting at 8:15am on Wednesday March, 30th in the Four Seasons 1-3 room at the Colorado Convention Center. Enjoy reading the report, and don't forget to look at those clouds, from time to time.

See y'all in Denver! 



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