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The Campus Solutions team at Oracle has asked me to help get the word out that there's a new newsletter - The Campus Solutions Support Newsletter. I've pasted the first one below, to subscribe just send an email to with the subject of SUBSCRIBE. That's all for now - PC


Important Announcements

Campus Solutions Support Newsletter

Welcome to the Campus Solutions (CS) Support Newsletter! Within Oracle Global Customer Support, we strive to provide our customers with exceptional support and easy access to the most current and accurate information possible. We hope that you will find this newsletter a valuable resource that provides beneficial information and updates on the Campus Solutions product.

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This issue includes important information regarding:

  • CS 9.0 Product Information Center
  • CS 9.0 to HCM 9.0/9.1 Person Data Integration
  • Campus Solutions 2011 Maintenance Schedule
  • Peopletools 8.5x Requirement for CS 9
  • New Case Study on CS-HCM Integration
  • New Bundle Master Notes
  • “Let Us Know!”


CS 9.0 Product Information Center

CS Product Information Center

The Campus Solutions 9.0 Product Information Center, Document 975038.1 is now available in My Oracle Support. This document can help you find relevant content for Campus Solutions. We will continue to add information to the page and are working to consolidate and link relevant knowledge content for each CS module.

You can access information using the links on the left hand side of the page, as well as on the main template page. In some cases, a new document will launch, and in other cases, you will be brought to an existing Website (like Oracle Electronic Product Delivery). Product Information Center pages can also be accessed for the following product lines.

CS 9.0 to HCM 9.0/9.1 Person Data Integration

CS 9.0 to HCM 9.0/9.1 Person Data Integration

The Campus Solutions team is pleased to announce the availability of support for the CS 9.0 to HCM 9.0/9.1 Person Data Integration, which may also be referred to as the CS - HCM Integration in this newsletter. Customers may deploy the CS - HCM integration between separate instances of CS 9.0 and HCM 9.0 or wait to deploy the new capabilities when they upgrade to HCM 9.1. Note that there is no requirement for customers to separate the shared instance of CS/HCM until they decide to upgrade to HCM 9.1. Upon upgrading to HCM 9.1, customers will need to deploy separate instances of HCM 9.1 and CS 9.0.

Please see the link explaining this initiative in the News section of the Campus Solutions Product Information Page - Document 975038.1 in My Oracle Support.

In addition to the code enhancements released with CS 9.0 Bundle 19/Feature Pack 4, we have provided documentation to assist customers in planning for and deploying the integration. Please see My Oracle Support Document 1259484.1 for updated PeopleBooks and six CS - HCM Integration documents.

  • CS – HCM Integration White Paper
  • Implementing Integration of Set Up Data between CS and HCM
  • Implementing Person Bio-Demo Data Integration Between Campus Solutions and HCM
  • Implementing External Search/Match between CS and HCM
  • Implementing Portal Navigation Aggregation for CS and HCM Integration
  • CS - HCM Integration FAQ


You may also want to listen to the recorded Advisor Webcast covering the integration solution; to go directly to the Archives, use Document 740964.1 on My Oracle Support and select ‘PeopleSoft Enterprise’.

As always, if you have any issues finding the above information or the Bundle 19/Feature Pack 4 contents, please contact Oracle Global Customer Support.


2011 CS Maintenance Schedule

CS 2011 Maintenance Schedule

We invite you to visit the PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions Maintenance Schedule for 2011 (Document 1279079.1) to help plan your Campus Solutions maintenance activities during the coming year. As bundles are released, you will also be able to access them in My Oracle Support from this page.

PeopleTools 8.5x Requirement for CS 9.0

PeopleTools 8.5x Soon to be Required for Campus Solutions 9.0

Campus Solutions Bundle 22, is targeted to release on *July 29, 2011, and require that customers be on PeopleTools 8.5. Customers who are not yet up to this PeopleTools level will need to make plans to upgrade to the most current version of PeopleTools 8.5x before they apply this bundle. More information on this requirement can be found within Document 957203.1

* The dates indicated above are estimates only. Oracle does not guarantee the availability or timing of any product or release, and is providing the above for informational purposes only. Planned products and releases, and related availability dates may change at any time without notice.

New Case Study on CS-HCM Integration

CS to HCM Integration: A Case Study

New Content! In our continuing effort to improve upon the knowledge articles available to you on My Oracle Support, Campus Solutions is adopting the Case Study format for certain processes to help you identify information you may need to know before, during and after the implementation of that process. In a Case Study we intend to provide you with process oriented documentation, pre-implementation considerations, troubleshooting tips, known issues and existing documentation accessible from a single article. The article will be a living document that will be update from time to time by our support team. We appreciate your suggestions to assist with such updates. Those customers implementing the integration between CS 9 and HCM 9.1 will want to review the following knowledge article:

  • Campus Solutions to HCM Integration: A Case Study on Integration Using the Owner/Subscriber Option (Document 1297158.1)

New Bundle Master Notes

Bundle Master Notes

New Content! Another format that we are adopting in our knowledge base includes master notes for maintenance bundles. When we post a maintenance bundle, we will also publish a knowledge document that includes information relevant to the application of the bundle, information that may help you to avoid certain problems when applying the bundle and functional or technical problems that may arise after implementation of the bundle. Our intention is to deliver a single article that helps you identify information you need to know about the fix We encourage you to use the Bundle ID to search for the relevant Bundle Master Note on My Oracle Support when getting started. Even if you have already applied the most recent bundles, you can visit the knowledge article for your application release and provide suggestions to Oracle.

  • Campus Solutions CS 9.0 Bundle #20 - Master Note for Questions or Problems with Update ID 812865 (Document 1297483.1)
  • Campus Solutions CS 8.9 Bundle #27 - Master Note for Questions or Problems with Update ID 812859 (Document 1298017.1)

Let Us Know!

Tell us about our newsletter We want to hear from you. Let us know if you have ideas or suggestions for future newsletters. What types of information are you most interested in? Is there a specific area of the product you would like more information on? Let us know how we can utilize this newsletter to provide you with the information you want.

Tell us about our content If you have any difficulties understanding a knowledge document or have suggestions on how we can update the content of our documents, please let us know. You can do this for a specific knowledge article by clicking on the “Rate this Document” link found at the bottom of the knowledge document. This will bring up a dialog box in which you can both rate the document, as well as provide us with feedback on how we can improve it.

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