Assessing Technology Priorities at Your Institution

I enjoyed talking with many of you at Alliance 2011 – what a fantastic event!  As a follow-up to those recent conversations, The HEUG Technical Advisory Group has created a survey ( to assess the importance, priority and awareness of current issues in relation to Oracle/PeopleSoft applications and technology within your institution.  This format goes a little broader than typical conference conversations and allows us to capture this information in a more formal way, in a format that allows all HEUG members to participate.

The results are important for the HEUG Board and Technical Advisory Group and will guide future areas of focus.  We will align areas of focus and activities with your priorities and concerns.  This information will also be useful to decision makers both within your institution and Oracle.

Please answer the questions from your own perspective within your organization.  If you are not aware of some issues then from your perspective they are "Not on the Agenda".  Part of the purpose of this survey is to identify the diversity of thinking within and across institutions.

Please take a few moments to complete it today!

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