Denver Alliance “Academic Advising Birds” Follow-up

The Academic Advising PAG held its annual “Birds of a Feather” on March 29th, 2011 in conjunction with the Denver Alliance Conference.   The session which drew nearly 100 attendees including Oracle strategy and development personnel close to the Academic Advising module, gave both new and seasoned users from around the world the opportunity for broad based discussion, questions and answers.  Attendees noted that they appreciate recent advances in the product to include test score processing, the ability to hide a requirement status, and the addition of course attributes as a recall mode for derived course lists.  They were looking forward to graduation processing (just released in the April bundle), program enrollment capabilities, and the possibility of having the Academic Advising Report (AAR) available for non-matriculant and/or prospective students in the near future. They also made it clear that they would like to see even more refinement to the existing AAR and development of complementary functionality to include advising notes/contacts and the useful incorporation of other 3Cs functionality into the Academic Advising module. The PAG appreciates the peer to peer knowledge transfer that took place not just during the conference, but the interactions that take place every day both on and off the HEUG Online Academic Advising Forum. Now that we “think” we've worked the kinks out of the Community Wiki, we hope to begin adding general content and “how to” information related to ongoing forum posts. Please remember that along with My Oracle Support, the Academic Advising Issue Tracker continues to be an important venue for submitting enhancement requests and module related issues. Keep up the good work!

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