HEUG Strategic Planning Update

The HEUG Board of Directors met in July for two days at Oracle's regional headquarters in Reston, Virginia, USA. This was a pivotal meeting for us because we adopted the final version of our strategic plan -- to be published on HEUG Online very soon. This was the conclusion of a full year of work not only by several dedicated volunteers but our community as a whole. If you attended the annual membership meeting at the Alliance conference this year, you heard the broad strokes of our planning efforts. The feedback we received during and after that meeting from members was invaluable in creating the final version of the plan.

We also passed our budget for next year (also, as a reminder, we publish our financial position each year in our Annual Report -- http://www.heug.org/p/cm/ld/fid=303), and approved a proposal to add additional contract staff to handle our ever-increasing member services. In addition, we reviewed our regional conference and global event schedule for 2011 and began planning for 2012. We also kicked off a new initiative to more effectively engage our executive community.

Finally, we reviewed our plans for those things we have done so well for many years. Advisory Group and Board nominations are right around the corner, as are presentation submissions for Alliance 2012. Before we know it we will be registering for Alliance 2012 and booking our travel to Nashville.

Quite a meeting, quite a summer, and quite a year in the life of the Higher Education User Group!

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