HTS Implements NEW Benefits in Continuing Education Registration Solutions!

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HTS Continuing Education Registration Solution effectively registers Continuing Education students through CRM.

The Continuing Education Registration Solution from HTS allows potential students to sign up for classes via CRM9.1 and course payments can be received by the institution immediately upon registration. Also, students can be marketed to, through email campaigns based upon the institutions existing database. Or, new prospects can be targeted through web banner advertisements that are designed to market to the students in multiple areas.

The benefits of your existing CRM and Campus Solutions software have increased. The Continuing Education Registration Solution and Campus Solutions System can be integrated and has a very short implementation time. It’s completely customizable to meet your institutions needs.

Once a student has registered for a class scheduled in CRM9.1, the record can be conveniently transferred to PeopleSoft Campus Solutions for admission and enrolment, eliminating the need for your staff to spend time entering students into the PeopleSoft database.

Once students register for a continuing Education course you can then quickly and easily move selected students into the Campus Solutions system. Another great feature is the built in Credit Card Integration for immediate registration payment and processing. An additional bonus to this feature is prospects can register for a course and make an initial payment in one simple transaction. When it comes to marketing to the existing prospects, they can be reached through email campaigns and targeted through web advertisements such as banner ads.

The designer of this solution, Higher Technology Solutions can deploy experienced consultants to configure the system to meet your specific needs. Now there is a shorter implementation time by leveraging the existing CRM 9.1, HTS has made improvements in functionality and efficiency allowing for these solutions to be completed in weeks rather than months.

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Continuing Education Registration Solution

HTS Implements NEW Benefits in Continuing Education Registration Solutions!