Issue Resolution Tools--Which One Should I Use?

Do you have sticky notes on your computer with PeopleSoft problems that need to be resolved but you aren’t sure where to list them to get the best results?    Here are 3 great tools we have at our disposal and some PAG Pointers on when to use each of them for best results:

Admissions Listserv (HEUG Online):  Use for questions that other users may be able to help you resolve.  Listserv is NOT monitored by the PAG or Oracle for action items—though PAG members may be on listservs as admissions users.

Issue Tracker (HEUG Online):  Use for enhancement requests, questions that cannot be resolved on listserv and/or some bugs.  Issue Tracker IS monitored by the PAG.  All issues are discussed with Oracle on the monthly PAG calls and considered in PAG priorities.  This is the best place to put an item that you want to keep track of.  Any HEUG member can view, vote, and comment on Issue Tracker issues.

Tip:  For enhancement requests, you should also file a Service Request (SR) on My Oracle Support.  Remember, to put your Oracle SR # on your Issue Tracker entry!

 Oracle Service Requests (SR) (Oracle website):  Use for critical bugs that need to be addressed asap.  Seen by Oracle staff.  NOT seen or monitored by the PAG.  Viewable only by other people from your institution who registered on My Oracle Support.  If an item is deemed an enhancement it is closed on My Oracle Support and there is no delivered way to monitor its progress.

If you use My Oracle Support for less critical bugs or enhancements, you should also list these on Issue Tracker where the PAG will monitor.

These quick tips are the abridged version.  For a few more details on the features of and differences among each of the tools, check out this document:  


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