Creating an Issue on Issue Tracker--it's easier than you think!

Still have that sticky note with a PS issue on your desk? You know it’s a good candidate for Issue Tracker, but you’re still putting it off because you’ve never listed an Issue or haven’t been there recently and just plain forgot what to do.

Remember, Issue Tracker is the best place to list items that you want the PAG to monitor and discuss with Oracle. It’s permanent, accessible by all HEUG Online members, and it’s easy to use!

Download "Creating and Issue on HEUG Online" for easy, step-by-step instructions for posting your issue on Issue Tracker.

If you are not sure if your item is a true “issue” post it anyway and the PAG will review it and help determine the next steps for your item.

Once you submit an issue…

1) The PAG will review your item

2) The PAG will contact you to let you know if your issue was approved, rejected, or to ask additional questions

3) If approved, you can use the Admissions Listserv to promote your issue to your colleagues and encourage viewing, voting and comments on Issue Tracker.

4) Even if an issue is not approved as an Admissions Issue, the PAG will often still track it as an “item to watch”

So if you have that sticky note with a PS issue on your desk, there’s no better time than now to take a minute and list it on Issue Tracker at HEUG Online.



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