Accessing User Guides on HEUG Online

How do you rate your HEUG Online expertise?  Do you know how to Subscribe to Issues?  Create a Blog?  Post a File to the Library?  You can do all these things and much, much more.  Read on for easy access to a plethora of User Guides provided compliments of Socious that will make you the HEUG Online envy of your office… 

Issue Tracker is one of the most popular and powerful tools on HEUG Online.  Many cool enhancements started out as issues on Issue Tracker and came to fruition thanks to user comments and votes.  To learn more about the functionality of Issue Tracker (you can view, vote and even subscribe to your favorite issues) and the many other user resources available at HEUG Online… 

Log in to HEUG Online at

Click on “Help” in the very top, right corner.

Scroll down the left-side menu to Printable Guides,

And Click on “Guides” for access to a plethora of helpful documents--compliments of Socious-- including:

Using Issue Tracker, My Page for Users, Communities, Blogs, File Library, Forums, News, Media Center, Surveys and Polls and Wikis.  There are also some guides for managing communities, surveys and wikis. 

Check them out!  And then, please take a minute to View, Vote and Comment on the existing Issues in your functional area.  Remember, if you comment on an issue via the listserv, you should attach that comment in Issue Tracker as well.  Your votes and comments help your PAG best represent you!

(If you have trouble finding the guides, check out this document which includes a helpful screen shot:

Be sure to watch for our next blog:  Creating a Service Request on My Oracle Support--also presented compliments of the Admissions PAG.

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