It’s the Time of the Season

As the fall semester begins I can’t seem to get that 1968 Zombies hit out of my head.  For those of us who have spent their careers adhering to an academic calendar, Autumn has been and will always be a time of renewal.  In the age of assessment it is an opportunity for improvement.  After a Summer of realignment and retro-fitting, it is the time to reacquaint and reinvigorate.  I suggest you take a few minutes to apply a dose of those R’s to your relationship with HEUG online.  Our technical staff has made many efforts over the years to provide HEUG members with an intuitive and flexible tool for information retrieval and communication.  Take a look at your profile, groups and subscriptions.  Are you getting the information you want at your desired pace?  If not, now would be a good time to make adjustments.  Should you be expanding the range of information you currently receive (perhaps Campus Community really does play an important role in what you do…)?  Take the time at this Time of the Season to make HEUG online work for you.


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