Only 10 days left for PAG/TAG nominations

The HEUG Advisory group call for nominations process has begun and the survey is open. The nomination process will remain open until 9/30. You have until September 30 to nominate yourself or someone else. To submit a nomination, please follow this link Please be sure and fill out the form completely. Please note that in order for you to be selected on an advisory group, your institution needs to be a HEUG member current on annual dues.

What is a PAG/TAG? The HEUG has 16 Product and Technical Advisory Groups (PAG/TAG). They currently include members from over 100 HEUG member institutions from all over the world. To see a current list of PAG/TAG groups and their members, click here. The most important functions of the advisory groups are bulleted below and detailed in the PAG charter, which you can download here.

  • Facilitating communication about specific product features, problems, and opportunities.
  • Soliciting feedback from the user community, synthesizing that feedback, and conveying it to Oracle product strategists and developers.
  • Advocating to Oracle, on behalf of the user community, for enhancements, new functionality, and resolutions to problems.
  • Administering the relevant track(s) at the annual Alliance conference (i.e., soliciting, evaluating and selecting proposals, scheduling sessions, collecting feedback, etc.)

Membership in a PAG/TAG provides an opportunity for you to serve the global membership of the HEUG by sharing your experience and expertise, to have an impact on product design and development priorities, and to enhance your own professional development. We are looking for individuals that have specific product knowledge/experience and that can provide a strategic vision for input into future product planning. These individuals must be willing to commit to monthly conference calls, an annual two-day Summit preceding the Alliance Conference, and other assignments to support the work of the PAG/TAG Groups. Terms will begin in March 2011 and run for one to three years, depending upon the position.

Paul Czarapata
HEUG VP Product

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